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MS 'Summer 05MS 'Summer 05
I haven’t added new book reviews this summer, not because I haven’t been reading but because my reading has not been directly related to this blog. I’ve had three workshops full of reading! First was a Leading Edge Librarian Academy which had me reading a Barbara Stripling textbook. Then there is a Pearl Harbor workshop which has had me reading numerous sources on Pearl Harbor and the memorial from a variety of perspectives. I picked up YA novels A Boy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor and Under the Blood Red Sun to supplement and prepare for curriculum development. And finally, its reading about the Consitution for my final workshop is DC. Then, its pretty much back to work 😦

And if you still don’t get it!!

If you’re missing the point of the new books I’ve recently posted, check out Jelani Cobb, History Professor at Spelman University here on Tayari Jones’ blog.

Yes, he’s writing about music but our young people are caught up in a trick bag. They’re no longer learning the value of education, the morals of decency or the vulgarity of that which is common. Why is gratuitious sex, drugs and gangs what it takes to sell a book to our children?? Becoming literate is supposed to help one find there place in the world, not get lost in it.

Scholarship for Single Black Mothers

The Sister Thea Bowman Foundation has four scholarships for African American singer mothers and their child to attend the College of St. Mary in Omaha, Nebraska.  The foundation will grant $30,000.00 over a period of four years to the College of St. Mary on behalf of each student.  In return the College of St. Mary will match that grant with an additional $24.000.

The student must be an African-American single mother who has completed high school.  She must be from low income housing.   She must be able to gain admission to COllege of St. Mary. She need not be Catholic.  Each student will have an Afican American mentor during her course of study at the College of St Mary and they will also have an African American host family from Omaha who will also serve as mentor.  Each mother may take up to two children with her to the College.  The cut off age for the child is nine.  Each mother will live in a dorm which has been sepecially renovated to accommodate the mothers and their chidlren.  There are special facilities in the dorm such as playrooms, kitchens and baths built especially to facilitate living with children in a dorm.  Each student will have to fill out an applicationfor both the Sister Thear Bowman Foundation and for the College of St. Mary.

If interested, please contact Mary Lou Jennings, Executive Director of theSister Thea Bowman Foundation at:

Primary Pirate Sources

A website has been created with links to primary soucres related to the release of the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. Information is provided for interested students to learn about real pirates in the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy. During this time, many pirates actually used Port Roal, Jamaica as their base of operations until it was struck by an earthquake in 1692. A letter from an eyewitness explains what happend when two-thirds of the island instantly ceased to exist.

The website is free for alleducators, schools and libraries who request an acedemic membership with this sign up form.