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Over at Kensignton Publishing is a new urban teen series called Drama High. The website features online samples from each of the three books in the series as well as a nice little contest to win an iPod or free books. I’ve not had a chance to read much on the site, perhaps someone out there is more familar with the series?


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  1. I love these books. It is like Jayd is a compton version of me. I understand why she is a virgin. It is really not bad to be a virgin. I am one and plan to stay that way until i am married.

    • I also love these books and you are very smart for your decision to remain a virgin to marriage i too am following the same path and some young girls are very easy these days alot of my friends are this way i am so glad im not a follower

  2. “This book is the boomb”. Jayd’s reactions in this book are the same as mine. And now i know i ant trippen, i’m going to stay the same.

  3. This book is fly. Jayd is so down 2 earth and it is easy to relate to what she is goin through.Once i started reading the first book i could not help but read the second and third one. Cant wait to read the others!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. i lov these books and wish there where more books to read becuz its sooo reel its like Jayd relates to everything in my life like she goes through the same thing how people hate n yo ex boyfriend bff’s becomming fake the whole 9 yards

  5. these collection of books are great and very interesting to read. I feel that i cna really relate to Jayd, and the high school that i go 2 feel like south bay high a.k.a drama high

  6. Drama High is tha Ish. I would literally take a bullet for this series. The only thing i might change would be the wierdness with Mama. I dont really understand that.

  7. these books are like my sanctuary. I emailed the author (ms l. divine) at myspace.com/ldivine and she is a joy to chat with everything that Jayd goes through I am going through it also! I hardly ever picked up a book before drama High I’m getting the 5th one tomorrow and can’t wait!
    To all the young people out there (like myself)
    Keep reading!

  8. Thats what we need. strong young black females who can stand for themsevles. fight there own battles. And look the world in the eyes and say:IAM WOMAN. That is Jayd to me. As am I.

  9. I see this girl with that book and i ask can i
    read it she says NO 😡 it makes me mad i can not
    read that book but u know what it is all good i
    am getting that book this saturday

  10. Jenny,
    Don’t bother being mad at her especially since you’re getting your own book! Which one is it?

    I read on Ms. Divine’s MySpace page that she will be writing 5 more Drama High books next year!

  11. THESE BOOKS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love these books also. I admire Jayd’s stregnth. I just finished reading Volume 4 Frenemies and Volume 5 Lady J. I think Jayd and Rah might end up actually making it offical. cant wait until volume 6 Courtin’ Jayd

  13. I love this series! I have always been a bibliotech (A person who loves reading), but I admire L.Divine’s work because of her style and the way she connects with the youth.


    Shout Out 2 President [elect] Obama!!!!!!

  14. i absolutely love these boos i stay up on school nights just to finish the chapter i was reading my mom tells me that im addicted to the books but i tell her that they are just that good cant wait till i get hustlin and keep it moving and after i read thoes i wont be able to wait long for the next issue of drama high while reading drama high i sometimes forget that they are fiction books cause i kinda of think they relate to my life in some kind of way and sometimes i pretend im jayd and my 2 best friends are mickey and nellie but i just be trying to understand the book better thats all

    and i also wanted to say thanks for making great books

  15. Drama high don’t get no realer than dis. I can’t wait 2 read da 7Th & 8TH one. it’s so raw. I feel what my g iz going through. COMMIN’ FROM A REAL SISTAH she’s a great role model.

  16. I love how jayd changes her relationships going form a balck boy, to a white boy. Shes giving a image that u can go out with any race, just be preared for some stuff going down. i love all the books u cant put them down!!!

  17. i love thesse books they make me understand dat being ur self is jus fine i am just lyk jayd and i hope that she and rah get baq 2gether in courtin’ jayd i cant wait to get hustlin i love all dem i dot people at my skool readin dem

  18. i read all of the book they are soo good i gad got them all and one day and it took me 5 days to read them all i couldn’t put them down

  19. I read the first book and I can’t wait to read the second. They are freat.

    When I am reading I feel like I was in the stories

  20. L.Divine, I really think that your books are cool and all, but they do go against the bible. I’m a Haitian and my family goes against all that voodoo stuff. But keep on writing your books.

  21. I love thais book cause this my life and i can relate to it even though im alomost 20 i love to read it. I LOVE DRAMA HIGH

  22. dear mrs.levine when i read your book i feel like ican escape reality
    iloooooooooove ur books hope u keep writing ill be watin 4 ‘cold as ice’ another is im your biggest fan inoe u get alot of these emails so i cant say much that u havent heard im a diabetic and i read ur books to escape the pain 2 deal that’s y am your biggest fan+ive read the whole sereies 6 times at the least only to escape the pain and because ur my favorite author keep writing please. i hope to be as good as a writer as u one day.



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