Trejo Institute Scholarships Still Available

From over at Beyond the Job:

A few scholarships are still available for the 2007 Trejo Foster Foundation Institute next month focusing on health information issues for Hispanics and Latinos. The conference also offers reduced rates for students. The deadline for scholarship applications and early-bird registration has been extended to June 30, 2007. Registrations received after the deadline will be held for pick-up at conference check-in. The Institute will be held on the UA campus on July 12-14. ALA President Dr. Loriene Roy will provide the keynote address. Additional session and speaker details are available online.

Summer Readings


Well, my plan was to read dozens and dozens of books this summer.  To knock one more piece of classic fiction off my list and get caught up on the latest YA books!  That was before I began teaching summer school.  Teaching is A LOT of work!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying it, just missing my books!

I am in the process of reading Sofi Mendoza’s Guide to Getting Lost in Mexico.  It’s a very enjoyable read (so far).  I just need to know what a papi chulo is.  Yo no hablo espanol!



A national nonprofit can help you receive in-kind donations from some of the nation’s largest corporations.

Gifts In Kind International links corporate resources to nonprofits serving youth and communities.  Examples include computer hardware and software, clothing, personal care items, toys and furniture.  You pay only for the shipping.

Reading. Is that all you’re doing this summer?

From over at Librarian in Black.

Have you planned summer programs?  Being in a school library, we haven’t really even moved into the concept of summer programming, but the significance of doing so would be another article.

The article I did read addressed those who stick with the tried and true summer reading programs, calling them on only serving readers.  This is the information age and it’s not just about books anymore!!  I think those of us who service YA’s of color need to be particularly aware of this so that they are able to develop skills necessary for success.