Spanish Book Fair

The Northeast Chapter of REFORMA will be hosting a Spanish Language Materials Book Fair on Friday, March
7th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. It will be held at the Newark Public Library, located at 5 Washington Street
in Newark, NJ. According to the flyer, it is “an excellent opportunity for librarians and educators to
purchase Spanish language materials for adults, teens, and children.”

Those of you able to attend will find a wealth of information, books, and helpful advice for purchasing Spanish language materials for your libraries. If you can’t attend, but have a friend in the area, ask them to search out items for you. It’s a fine opportunity to reach out to the Latino students in your school by allowing them to “see” themselves in the literature you have available for them.

Dream the dream…quickly!!

The American Library Association (ALA) and Dollar General Foundation have partnered to increase literary Services to English language learners. A new grant entitled, “The American Dream Starts @ your library,” funded by the Dollar General Foundation seeks to help public libraries increase their literacy services to adult English language learners. The grant will give 15 libraries a one-time award of $5,000 each.

Grants will be made to public libraries with a demonstrated need to provide literacy services to adult immigrants’ resources to expand or add literacy services for adult English language learners. To qualify, public libraries must be located within 20 miles of a Dollar General Store, distribution center or corporate office. Additional details available online. .

Hurry!  Deadline is 31 January, 2008

Etheridge Knight Youth Poetry Contest

Call for Entries
Legacy Continues for Legendary Poet
17th  Arts Festival
Guidelines for  the  14th  Annual Etheridge Knight  Youth Poetry Contest and applications for the   17th Annual Etheridge Knight Festival of the Arts Po-Rap-Try Concert  are now online at.  The Po-Rap-Try Concert will be held  Saturday, April 12 at  4:00 pm at the Indianapolis Marion County Central Library Auditorium, 40 East St. Clair Street.
Deadline for entries March 10, 2008
For more information call (317) 524-6951 or e-mail

Latinitas Contest

Latinitas magazine, the first digital magazine made for and by Latina youth, is launching a print magazine for “tweens” and older in 2008. As part of that launch, the magazine is sponsoring the Latinitas Magazine National Writing Contest seeking feedback from Latina youth ages 14 to 21 on “What it is to be Latina.” Winning writers will see their articles published in the print and online issues of Latinitas magazine.

Submissions should be 800 to 1,000 words in first person or Associated Press style on one of the following subjects: What is it like to be a Hispanic/Latina female in your hometown? What does it mean to you to be a Hispanic/Latina female? As a Hispanic/Latina female, are you doing something in your community to make a difference; if so, what? Describe the biggest challenge facing young Hispanic/Latinas today. Applicants should submit articles to by February 10, 2008, or mail a copy to Latinitas, PO Box 4284, Austin, TX 78765.

Cartoons get a voice

Comics aren’t a laughing matter for eight African-American cartoonists, who plan to take action on Feb. 10 in an attempt to raise awareness of their place in the profession.

The cartoonists plan to create nearly identical comics across their publications to satirize what they believe is the newspaper industry’s inability to recognize the hallmarks of African-American made strips.

“Many editors and readers consider different ‘black comics’ to be interchangeable,” said cartoonist Darrin Bell creator of Candorville.

Out of the more than 200 widely syndicated comics, around 15 are created by cartoonists of color.

from:  NPR News and Notes 

GO OverBOArd GrANt

Award-winning young adult novelist Justina Chen Headley, Burton
Snowboards, and Youth Venture are co-sponsoring the Go Overboard
Challenge Grant to fund the best youth-led ideas to change the world.
Justina has a longstanding commitment to tie community service
benefiting teens to every single YA novel she publishes.  So in honor of
her new book, Girl Overboard (where a teen finds her true power through
community service), she and her partners are giving away 12 grants,
$1,000 each to inspire teens to become changemakers.  Eligibility:
students ages 12-20 who have an idea to improve their school,
neighborhood, city, country, or the world.  Students need an adult
sponsor, such as a librarian or teacher, to endorse their grant

Deadline:  May 1, 2008.