Help Finding Books


Scholastic Books has recently come out with Book Wizard, an online tool that is available to help librarians, parents, teachers and students find similar books.  The lists can be saved online or shared.  In addition to this service, the Book Wizard also performs collection analysis.  While I did register for and use the Wizard (and was amazed with its thoroughness) I didn’t experiment with the analysis too.

50 Years of Things Falling Apart


50 years ago African literature was redefined with the publication of Things Fall Apart.  Tayari Jones offers nice behind the scene insights gathered from a recent event celebrating the book and its author.

USAfrica will honor 50 Years of Chinua Achebe’s masterpiece ‘THINGS FALL APART’ by holding the 2008 ‘USAfrica international Harvest of Achebe’, beginning on 08-08-08 in Houston, Texas. The August 8 and 9, 2008 special events respecting Achebe’s 1958 masterpiece, ‘Things Fall Apart’ will include critical insights, harvest of ideas, international reviews of the epic work, theatrical and cultural performances in honor of the father of modern African literature, the distinguished Prof. CHINUA ACHEBE. The ‘USAfrica BEST OF AFRICA’ 1st Lifetime Award will be presented to Prof. Achebe.

Free Colts DVD

The community relations department of the 2007 Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts has free copies of a DVD featuring head coach Tony Dungy and several players discussing how their faith impacts their football careers.
  A limited number of complimentary copies of “Faith & Football” are available to churches and non-profit organizations.

The order form is available on the Colts Web site.

Free Resources

Colorín Colorado is pleased to offer free print guides created for parents, teachers, and anyone who wants to improve the reading achievement of children. You’re welcome to download and print these guides for your own use or to distribute to others.  I think they did mean to mention librarians as well!

Bilingual Children

The Los Angeles Daily News reports that after years of watching and observing, the Los Angeles Unified School District has created programming to address the negative impact on academic performance of speaking English dialects in the home.  These lessons help students differentiate between home language and school language.  There’s a time and place for everything!