Mining Land


I remember when Princess Di was alive and one of her passions was landmine removal. I remember hearing about all the mines left in Europe from World War II and how farmers are still finding them and I kinda wondered where else would all these land mines be that she was so concerned about and as tragic as all the mishaps are, I didn’t claim the issue as mine. That changed yesterday for me.

I spent my weekend on a small island that is currently claimed by Taiwan which is claimed by China. For 50 years, Kinmen was in the frontlines of battle between China and Taiwan. For about 20 years, Kinmen was bombed every odd numbered day. As part of the islands defense strategy, the beaches where filled with landmines. Martial law on the island ended in 1992 and the citizens elected a mayor and participated in Taiwan’s elections. They wanted to get rid of the landmines. So, they’ve been hiring men from places like Zimbabwe and South Africa—places were men need jobs to be able to feed their families—and they’ve hired these men to work to remove the mines. Men such as those pictured here.

God bless us all.

Scholarships 2008

I just received an email that list the following scholarships.  I really do think this has been floating the ‘net for a while, so I cannot promise all the links will work.  And while I love doing this, I don’t love it enough to check all these links.


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22) BOEING scholarships (some HBCU connects)

23) Easley National Scholarship Program

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26) Jacki Tuckfield Memorial Graduate Business Scholarship (for AA students in South Florida)

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29) International Students Scholarships &Aid Help

30) College Board Scholarship Search http://cbweb10p.coll! egeboar

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The Devil’s in the Details

 School Library Journal’s  blog has an article which details how schools are letting minority students fall through the cracks when it comes to getting into college. From my own experience, I’d say the article is on point. We can so easily forget that most of our students are first generation college grads (heck, many are first generation high school grads) and they need the practical advice that only someone who has been there can provide. They need to know the details of getting into college, and staying there! This kind of information isn’t to point fingers, it’s to give us ideas of what kinds of services the library might provide. We have to work together to improve the literacy of these students.

Jordan Fundamental Grant

Grants are available to support innovative classroom projects for low-income students.The Jordan Fundamentals Grant Program, named for hoops legend Michael Jordan, supports teachers who inspire low-income students to succeed.  

Teachers in grades 1-12 in schools where at least half of the students qualify for free or reduced school lunches can apply in one of two categories:

Innovation Grants, to individual teachers for projects that will impact classroom innovation and improve instruction (grant range = $2,500); and Inspiration Grants, to expand the projects funded by Innovation Grants (grant range = $10,000).

Deadline: March 30, 2008.
More info: