People of Color in SciFi

An excellent source of essays regarding people of color in science fiction. Includes

  • article on how Stephenie Meyer chose to have POC characters related to the while protagonist in Twilight series
  • links to new sci fi sources
  • review of Panchetantra: The Tall Tales of Vishu Sharma, a YA sci fi graphic novel
  • review of Zahrah the Windseeker
  • loss of race as an issue as Daughter of the Bright Moon moves to the small scree
  • article discussing how parents can handle messages of beauty found in mainstream fairy tales

Many thanks, Greer for sharing the info!


Yesterday, I spent more hours than I care to admit to changing from MyYahoo to iGoogle. Why? My school in the states will block MyYahoo and I guess I just wanted to try something different. I took the time to sort all my rss feeds in true librarian style, creating and decorating separate pages for the topics that interest me. I even moved my Bookmarks and took the opportunity to delete some and move others to (which I usually forget to check for stuff!). I got that feeling as if I had spent an entire day doing house cleaning!

I’m getting everything organized, cleaned up and prepared to leave here and head home. I have 14 days before my flight to mainland China (slight detour before heading home). I hope to use the time to take a few online courses and–this is really being ambitious–learn Twitter.

When I return, I have A LOT of reading to do to get ready for school in August! Check out my 08 Reads. They all posted while I was here in Taiwan. Given that it typically takes 2 years for American titles to come here, I haven’t had a chance to read any of them. OK, I did sneak and buy Conception and Kinky Gazpacho when I ordered books to give to my school. What I really need is some idea of what I really, really need to be sure and read in the short time that I have! HELP!!!

TeeN AdvIsors NeEdeD

YPulse is currently forming a Teen Advisory Board. They want

“to form a Ypulse Youth Advisory Board made up of 10 young people between the ages of 13 and 24 from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations. We can’t afford to pay our advisory board members at this time, but we will come up with fun incentives (review copies of books/music/, other fun stuff from our partners, advertisers) and most importantly, the opportunity to publish on Ypulse (building a body of published work and having your photo/bio on the site), network with other advisory board members (we’ll set up a private Ning or Facebook group), and the potential for college or career references and recommendations from me. There may also be opportunities to attend conferences or other events as “press.”

Online application material is available on their website. No deadline is mentioned, but don’t expect this opportunity to last forever!

I do declare!

In this timely book, 50 celebrated Americans talk to teens about voting.  Compelling perspectives on voting are presented from Adrian Grenier, Amber Tamblyn, Hayden Panettiere, Alice Walker and others.  Titles include “The First Time I Voted” and “Why the Personal is Political”.  The publisher’s website includes this excerpt.