Black female CarTooniST: THE FIRST 1

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I sometimes wonder how far we’ve come in race relations when we still have the mark The Firsts.  The First to graduate from, the first to participate in, the first to run for…  BUT when iI look at the people who have persevered enough to achieve these Firsts, I realize that without this tag, they would be long forgotten.  Like Jackie Ormes, the first women Black Cartoonist. I found out about Torchy Brown, the character she used to inspire a race, on NPR.  Visit the site to read or listen and learn!

Blog of Note: A Wrung Sponge

For a relaxing change of pace, A Wrung Sponge can be an interesting read.  The most current entry is a request for suggestions for author visits while other entries include book reviews, library aids, knitting, gardening and gluten free cookie.  What i really, really like about the site are the links to oustanding children’s resource along the side of the blog.  This is a blog that truly reflects its author’s passions!

I know, I know nothing is free

I need to get 10 college credits (graduate credits) as cheaply as possible, preferably free so that I can increase my base salary this year.  So, I did a little ‘net search and here is some of what I’ve found.

  • Seniors to Sophomores is a rather new program offered by the state of OH which gives high school seniors the opportunity to earn FREE college credit while still in high school.  I was born in OH and work in a high school.  Wonder if I qualify?
  • Minnesota has a similar program.
  • If you believe in knowledge for its own sake, you can enjoy many free online courses.  Any other time, I would love this, but today, I want the credits.
  • Obama’s education proposal includes making the first $4000 of college tuition free.  Sorry, McCain’s proposal was not in my search results.

These are close, but no cigar!  I’m still searching.


Need funding?  Why not apply for a grant!  Before you apply, know that as the economy weakens, grant competition becomes stronger.  Give yourself plenty of time you prepare a well research application that clearly states your needs and that gives the grant provider exactly what they’re asking for.

Education Week maintains a nice list of current grants which includes A Little HOPE Grant, the Best Buy Teacher Award, Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy Grant, Reader’s Digest Foundation Make It Happen Grant, Pay It Forward Mini-Grants and several others.


Jiggety Jig!

Home again, home again!

Last Thursday and Friday I made it through 5 countries and one typhoon and I’m now back in the US!!  I headed straight for the closest branch of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library and checked out and impressive stack of books I can begin to review here on the blog.  So, stay close as they are a comin’!!

AND I’m still looking forward to hearing what I really don’t want to miss reading before school starts in August!