Authors’ BookTrailers

Authors are beginning to realize the power of BookTrailers to sell their books.  I think some publishers create the trailers to promote the books while many authors create their own.  Book trailers, just like movie trailers introduce viewers to the new story being told.   I’ve even seen many that librarians create to promote books.  And that’s why I’m mentioning the trailers here.  School librarians love showing book trailers to students. They’re great ways to introduce students to books they wouldn’t otherwise know about.  I mean think about it. Adults read book reviews, cruise bookstores and have lists of favorite authors.  Students don’t use these resources as they don’t yet have a history with literature.  Presenting book trailers hits them with technology they’re comfortable with and excites them about books.  Unfortunately, too many authors are creating wonderful trailers and uploading them to YouTube.  Schools can’t access anything on YouTube because of filters!  So, what can you do?

I haven’t found many book trailers on TeacherTube, but this is one great place to put trailers so that teachers and school media specialists can access them.   Simone Elkeles has developed a great one and placed it on her blog. A Wish After Midnight can be found on vimeo while the Invention of Hugo Cabret is on Google Video (no, this isn’t blocked…yet). Scholastic has a nice trailer of Patricia McCossack’s Friendship for Today as well as a featured video of the author reading Goin’ Someplace Special.

Have you seen any good trailers you’d like to share?

Summer Opportunity: High School Males

Morehouse Summer Program @ Morehouse College in Atlanta , GA – will be offering a Summer Institute (Project Identity) for African-American males entering the 10th and 11th grades. Three weeks at Morehouse – June 7 – 28 Creative Writing – SAT Prep – Debate – Pre-Calculus – Leadership development – Enrichment activities – $1,400 fee (includes meals, housing and activities).

Pray the Devil Back to Hell

I tend to use movies and literature for entertainment and this shows through in my tendancy to review works of fiction. As wonderful as the many books are that I read and the books that I watch, I manage to forget (ignore?) how horrible the real world can be.  Then a find a movie like Pray the Devil Back to hell that reminds me not only how much work there is to be done so that all people can have basic human rights, but how much work is being done so people around the globe can have basic human rights.  This award winning film is the story of how Christian and Muslim women come together to end the violence in Liberia.  I was drawn to the film by the logo “Does a bullet know a Christian from a Muslim?” in an ad on the Lotus Reads Blog.

book review: If I was Your Girl

book review:  If I was your girl        27858872

author: Ni Ni Simone

Publisher: Kensington, 2008

main character: Toi McKnight

Toi McKnight is a 17 year old high school student who has a twin sister, an infant son, a job at iHop, a whack baby daddy, a live in cousin who would make anyone crack up with laughter and a mother who takes care of business. She has a strong supportive family, but is so naïve when it comes to the men in her life! I mean, who would give some new guy her digits what working at the iHop, even if he is  the o! so fine Harlem? Toi would! She’s actually feeling a bit lost and unsure of herself because her life has taken an unplanned turn.

Simone tells her tale in a language today’s teens can relate to. Her story is fast moving and evenly written despite a few editing flaws. The situations should make any young person think about the consequences of their actions and hope for their future.

If I was your girl is a love story where Toi McKnight learns to love herself. Simone’s books are some of the safest urban fiction that can be added to school libraries.

Themes: teen moms, goals, young love

Indiana Youth Literacy Conference

Spent the weekend at the first annual IN Youth Literacy Conference. Attended informative presentations on planning a book club for boys and how to prepare an author visit.  And!!  Meeting authors! Thanks, Jackie for sending me the photos, I didn’t even remember my phone!!

Edi and Nikkiwith Nikki Grimes, most recent book: Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope


Brian Selznick author and illustrator of The Invention of Hugo Cabret

authors-006 Elsa Marston, author of Figs and Fate and Santa Claus in Bagdad.