InformTech Thursday

Posted on 2 April 2009 Thursday


It seems thematic days are getting popular, so I’m going to add to the frenzy by promoting InformTech Thursday.  Today’s burning question: what great site have you found lately?

I’ll start with a couple and invite readers to share  more sites.

“The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has launched ASK IT!, a moderated forum and free online resource designed to model the scientific process. Students are invited to identify and formulate a scientific question, expand upon an existing question, or pose possible answers to questions posted on the forum. Students also can vote for the questions they would like to see answered by an expert in the field, and scientists from around the country will post responses to selected student inquiries. ASK IT! creates an online community that encourages logical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and inquiry-based learning.”

Useful Google Tools

From Rawsistaz via Twitter, this page lists a plethera of Google Tools you’ve probably never heard of!