11th Annual International Latino Book Awards


The 2009 awards were presented during BookExpo America on May 28, at the Javits Center in New York City. These awards honor literary excellence in a variety of categories. Latino Literacy Now is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes literacy and literary excellence within the Latino community.

Best Young Adult Fiction – English
Dark Dude – Oscar Hijuelos – Atheneum/Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing
2ND Place: Amor and Summer Secrets – Diana Rodriguez Wallach – Kensington Publishers
Honorable Mention: Mr. Clean and the Barrio – David Bueno-Hill – Urbano Books

Best Young Adult Fiction – Spanish or Bilingual
El Asunto Galindo – Fernando Lalana – Bambú
2ND Place: Odisea – Albert Jané – Combel Editorial, S. A
Honorable Mention: Carlito’s Story – Max Benavidez & Katherine Del Monte – Lectura Books
Honorable Mention: No sapiens – Ariel González – Libros en Red

Best Young Adult Nonfiction – English
The Barefoot Shoeshine Boy – Al Rivera – Author House

Best Young Adult Sports/Recreation – English
Soccer’s Story & A Futbol Fable – Gil Sperry – Amigo del Mar Press

Best Young Adult Sports/Recreation – Spanish or Bilingual
Go Milka Go! ¡Core, Milka, Corre! – Raquel Benatar – Renaissance House



Few people I have met online work harder to support literacy than my friend Susan. One  look at her website, ColorOnline, will begin to show you the effort she puts forth. She connects with people all over the web to network, learn about new books and locate resources for girls in her community library. Susan lives in Detroit where life just isn’t easy. The girls she’s working with need to read, to become profoundly literate, to explore the world around them and find their place in it. And they need our help.

From Susan’s blog:

Our summer, Rise -N- Shine program for elementary and middle school girls begins the end of June so this is the best time to run our book drive. Please consider purchasing a title for us from our wishlist at Powell’s Books. We also love gently used books. And in the economic times, some of you may want to give but can’t. It would be huge help if you would blog about our drive and leave a link to our wish list on your sidebar between now and July 1.

To send donations directly, mail books media rate to:


We thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions, please contact me at cora_litgroup@yahoo.com

I know my readers will support this cause so, I’m asking you to post the titles your sending in the comments section here and for every two books my readers send her, I’ll send another one.  Susan, we’re gonna bury you guys in books!! LOL

Children’s Books

I had to stop at a bookseller’s today to pick up a gift for a friend. She’s expecting her second child and to me, the best gift is a book for the newborn as well as one for big sis! I was so excited to go looking for picture books, something I rarely enjoy anymore. I remember reading The Snowy Day, A Chair For My Mother, Tar Beach, Stories Julian Tells, Bringing the Rain to Kapita Plain, Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughter, A Chair For My Mother, Two Ways to Count to Ten and so many, many others to my children! I was so happy to find books with characters that looked like my babies and that led them to enjoy reading and I wanted my friend’s children to have the same delight!

O! I was so disappointed! What happened to all the books fo children of color? Now, the list I mentioned only reflected what was going on for my Black children. I know there were books for Asian and Latino children as well. Where are they?? Where are the multicultural folktales?? I really do think if I had visited the bookstore owned by own of my university instructors, I could have done better, but, that would have been a longer trip. Out of the way.And that could be an erroneous assumption.

So, what did I find? I found a couple of picture books about President Obama, and a couple by Whoopi Goldberg all of which would have been just too wordy for such a young child. I wanted something like the engaging and clever Mama Do You Love Me? that had cute baby animals and ended with a cute little curly haired blonde boy. What message would that send my friends child? No doubt, children should have a selection of books that represent the diversity of the world around them, but face it people: our corner of the world looks like us!

I saw a few books from my children’s day, Corduroy, and Snowy Day. There was Henry’s Freedom Box and I almost bought This Jazzman. I wanted to call Doret!  I was able to find Baby, Baby, Please and although I always have flashbacks to the movie when hear the title, that was the book. Simple. Warm. Loving. That’s what baby needs!

Big Sis got an I Can Read book about Michelle Obama. 51WlZSVdu2L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA240_SH20_OU01_

Teaching the Times

A few days ago when posting Twitter Finds, I linked to an article about the Puerto Rican woman who could be the next Supreme Court nominee.  Well, that she is!  Today, Pres. Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor to become a Supreme Court justice. The article is still available for free, but it will be necessary to register to read it. As with all firsts, this creates a tremendous teaching opportunity. For example, if you read the NYTimes article, you’ll find that the article was edited after it was published. Online articles are able to do this and that’s why we must provide the access date when creating bibliographies for online sources. The author originally wrote that Sotomayor’s parents emigrated from Puerto Rico, forgetting that they were already in the US, as Puerto Rico is an US territory. Another teaching moment.



Not just any Monday, but the fourth Monday in May. Memorial Day. Afrobella has a great tribute to African Americans who served in the war. It can be so easy to forget the fights within the fight that people of color faced during every war beginning with the French and Indian. People of color were always present. There were Japanese American troops who saved Allied troops in the Vosage Mountains in northern France,  an African American tank battalion that freed Jewish prisoners in Germany and Native Americans who allowed their tribal languages become secret military codes. Latinos began fighting in US wars with the American Revolution and Africans fought as early as the French and Indian war.  We all have reason to celebrate and remember on this fourth Monday in May.

UnderCoverMonday is about books that I’ve found, but haven’t yet had a chance to read. So, I go under the cover and share a peak! Today, it’s Call Me Henri by Lorraine M. López. imageDB.cgi

From the back cover:

Enrique’s world is one of family obligations and hardships, of tricky nameuvers up and down the often dangerous streets of his neighborhood, and the usual travails of a middle-school student–for Enrique the hardest is having to take ESL classes. Enrique’s dream is to learn French, a language that sounds like music to him. But his dream must be deferred as he takes care of his triplet infant brothers after school, as he barely misses being shot in a drive-by, as he rescues his famiy from the violence of his stepfather, and more.

First sentence: Call me Henri, Enrique wrote after begging a pencil from his seatmate, Cake Angie.

Hay labio jabón lechuga,”, Horacio said to girls who strolled past him. He didn’t care if they were fat or skinny, tall or short, shabby or well-dressed. Horacio greeted them all with the same nonsensical phrase that sounded like I love you__Iwon’t let you go in English. Translated, it meant: There is lipsoap lettuce.

As Horacio explained it, he could never get in trouble saying this to girls, in case they turned out to have jealous boyfriends or protective brothers or if they girls themselves turned out to be tattlers. What harm was there in declaring the existence of lipsoap lettuce after all? And every once in a while, he claimed, some girl would smile and talk to him when he said this to her. Sometimes, he said it with a wink, they would even “go out” with him. Enrique had his doubts about this.

And, I’m just hearing this on MSNBC: obama_bookx-largeThere is a new book about President Obama, available only from Amazon. The book contains photos and essays. Once you order the book, you are directed to a website that will print your name as an author of your book and allow you to select your own images.  Read more! This is reminding me of books we used to get at kiosks in the mall when my children were younger. Their name, and those of their friends were written into customized books which were printed, bound and delivered, personalized books.

Crazy MasheduP


One of the sites I follow on iGoogle continues to be the Daily Mashup.  Every once in a while, I spend way too much tim sifter through his finds are here are some of the gems I found this morning while getting some much needed household repairs done.

Free fonts Can a girl ever have too many fonts?


I’m a traveler. I really think/know that I’m going back on the road, back overseas again soon. So, I like this kind of information. : Travel Full Time for Less

50 ways to do anything can be overwhelming, especially when they’re really good, well though suggestions. These ways to be more effective are just that. I read the ideas not so much taking them personally but applying them to my library. If the ways are correct, I should be able to get more library books returned if I stopped saying we still have over 1,000 missing books and say something like “We’ve  had 300 books returned last week, how many more can we get back this week?” My stretching the numbers by adding the extra zero makes students feel like they’ve been responsible returning books and challenges them to do even better.  I like it!  Scientifically Proven Ways to be more effective

Best Places to find Theatrical Movies for Teaching Teachers like movies. I need to find great ones that relate to the curriculum. I really liked the suggestion to just show a small clip of the movie with no sound, have one student sit with her back to the screen and have the person looking at the screen describe what they’re seeing.

MTwain Motivational Posters I’m becoming a real Mark Twain Fan (and I’m still waiting to hear if anyone has read his book on Joan of Arc). I think I have original copies of all of his books in my library. OK, they’re not really that old, but close enough!

This is just totally, coolly, awesomely fascinating! Will it apply to any of your photos?? Fibonacci Sequence Illustrated