Adding to the Pile

Posted on 8 August 2009 Saturday

Doret over at HappyNappyBookseller is already posting about upcoming fall reads! Ms. Doret is inspiring in her zest to find and review new books! And, she’s inspired me to spend my dateless Saturday evening doing a little searching to see what I might be interested in reading this fall as well. I’ve come up with just a few titles.  Remember, I still have about 20 books in my TBR pile! Do check out Doret’s blog, I didn’t duplicate titles from her list, which is quite a bit more extensive.

Muchacho: A Novel by Louanne Johnson

Kimchi & Calamari by Rose Kent

Holidaze (Drama High) by L. Divine

Ruined: A Novel by Paula Morris

Losers by mattue roth

The Children of Topaz: The Story of a Japanese American Internment Camp: Based on a Classroom Diary by Michael O. Tunnell

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