Snow and dragons and such

Posted on 15 February 2010 Monday

Happy President’s Day!

Wow! We actually could have had a snow day!

I’ve been reading China : land of dragons and emperors by Adeline Yen Mah and it’s an excellent read during Chinese New Year! Learn about the red envelopes, good luck foods and why firecrackers.

This was quite timely:

“Although few Chinese now believe that the dragon is a divine creature, it is still tactful not to disfigure or degrade a dragon in China. Recently, an advertisement showed the famous American NBA basketball player LeBron James killing a dragon and defeating two feitan (flying women). It was censored by the Chinese government after massive public protest, including an objection from Yao Ming, Chinese superstar who plays for the Houston Rockets.”

And yet we have:

Land of dragons and emperors is proving to be a great read for MG or young YAs with a developing interest in China. It’s the kind of book they’d sit down and read, not just use for a report.

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