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Posted on 18 February 2010 Thursday

Zambia: the Teacher Librarian

I think one of the things I’m enjoying most about blogging here is finding organizations that work to improve literacy for women and children. I enjoy reading about the programs they create to support teachers, librarians and others who work to improve libraries and classrooms all over the globe.

Today, it was an email containing Room to Read’s vision for the next ten years. I so agree with them when they say “World change begins with education.”  While exploring their website, I found the RoomtoRead blogwhich I’ll be adding to my feed. I also enjoy following the Friends of African Village Libraries blog.

I continue to look for more ways to create these organizations.

I can’t do much to help this group other than to pass this on. is an academic network that supports the retention and development of research students in African universities by providing online mentoring, research resources and networking opportunities to African PhD candidates. Use the link to connect with the organization if you’re willing to mentor students.

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