Posted on 28 February 2010 Sunday

It’s getting  late! I wasn’t going to do this today, but I keep up with what I start!

I’ve been in the books today. I just finished Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson. The book had a nice multicultural supporting cast as well as action packed suspense.

I wondered over to an online books store (sorry Kids Ink!) and ordered copies of The girls guide to getting kidnapped; Descent into Paradise and a Place to live; Guardian of the spirit and Draper’s Out of my mind. I’m about to start my read on Eighth Grade SuperZero while The gangsta we are all looking for is my current purse book. I’d call it a ‘pocket book’ but that’s what my mom always called her purse.

I’ve noticed quite often now that used books on Amazon cost more than new book. Can anyone enlighten me on this?

That’s it for the books! I’ve visited way too many ed tech sites to even begin to tell you what I’ve found! I’ll need to put my Delicious widget back so that I can share the sites I’m finding. I can say that if you’re missing Wordle, you should try WordItOut.

I’m looking into a new cell phone.  While the iPhone is o, so, cool, I think there are others out there that are just as useful with out the heavy monthly fees of an iPhone (and while I’m thinking about it I have to mention how little sense it makes to pay a company for Internet service in my home and then pay that same company so that my phone can have Internet service as well!).  I’ve seen numerous articles listing all the great educational apps for the iPhone but heck, my district still bans cell phones. I like this useful device for the Blackberry, but what’s really getting my attention is the Droid. How many apps do you really need?!

I hope to post later this week with a Haiti update. I’m sure the need for supplies is emerging as infrastructure slowly rebuilds. I’ll also have information on Chile.

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