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Posted on 2 March 2010 Tuesday

I promised an update on Haiti, and information on Chile. So, here goes. It’s depressing.

The best article I found on Haiti was an update in the NYTimes. Basically, the entire country has to be re-built. Not just the buildings but the transportation systems, communication and education systems, business sectors, government services and all this has to be done while replacing Haitians who are no longer alive to perform these jobs.

And then, there are the children.

Schools have not opened yet and some want to seize the opportunity to finally create a system that works for everyone. Educators in New Orleans feel a particular need to help, they say after all, they received so much in their time of need. The UN is going to develop a system for registering births and recording deaths in the country.

We have a lot to be thankful for in America.

Text donations are still being accepted as well as donations through OxFam, DoctorsWithoutBorders and the Red Cross. The ALA is still accepting funds to support libraries through its affiliation with Better World Books.  I’m kind of tired of throwing money at the problem but the infrastructure is not able to accept donations of goods or of volunteers. I do like the Clinton Bush Fund. It makes you realize how contrived politics is and how much we really could be doing in America. The state of MO has a wonderful Kits for Kids program that could easily be replicated in the blogging community as a more meaningful type of challenge when the country is ready. The need is real, the need is great and the need will continue for quite some time.

Why was the devastation worse in Haiti when the quake in Chile was 500 times stronger? Because they’re the poorest country in this hemisphere and they didn’t know they needed to construct buildings that should withstand earthquakes. There was little looting in Haiti because there were no stores to loot. Experts are saying they’ll have another in the next 20 years.

No phones, electricity or computers. The rains are about to begin in this mountainous country (mountainous as in ‘there will be mudslides’) where people are still living in tents and under tarps.

To the cell for another donation.

Please add any sites you may know of that are raising funds, selling music or artwork or other items to benefit the people of Haiti. I’m sure there are many more wonderful programs out there.

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