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Posted on 9 March 2010 Tuesday

I’ve been collecting stuff while collecting time to reflect and repose. I don’t know, too much snow? too much school? Not enough vitamin D? I just need to step back, reflect and. . . chillax for a minute. Still, though I’m still getting stuff I really need to pass along to readers!

JoAnn Hernandez was gracious enough to share this link to a library scholarship from REFORMA. It’s due on 15 March!!

Lee and Low has acquired Tu Publishing! This fantastic pairing will extend the collection at Lee and Low to older readers and help diversify sci fi and fantasy offerings for PoC!

There are a couple of wonderful book conferences coming up: International Reading Association Annual Conference and the Virginia Hamilton. The IRA is a bit much for my pockets these days, but I may be at the Virginia Hamilton. You?

Forest Hill Publishing is launching a book of stories from transplant survivors and donors of color.  We are well aware that people of color represent a disproportionately high number of patients who need organ transplants—and die because they did not receive them—and a disproportionately low number of people who serve as organ and tissue donors.  Our hope is that our book will inspire many more people of color to become donors and save lives.

Do observe Women’s History month!. Why? Celebrate for the woman you are or for the women in your life. I like how Monique said it when she thanked Hattie McDaniel “for enduring what she had to so that I would not have to.”  Observe Women’s history month to thank, learn about, remember all those who fought the fight for us. Whether we’re male or female, we’re all made better when women, when any part of society, is no longer oppressed.

  • If you’re a librarian: Pull out the women’s biographies. Weed the old stuff! Notice what you don’t have and order some new biographies for your patrons. I did this last week and am always dismayed at how few women’s biographies there are.
  • If you’re a parent: donate a women’s biography to your child’s school’s library. Take your child to the library to find a good biography to read. Go to the 323.oo in the Deweys and help them find a social history on women around the world.
  • If you’re a library patron: Visit your library and see what biographies they have. Are they missing Monique’s Skinny Women Are Evil or a biography of Hattie McDaniel? Suggest they buy it!

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