Sunday Morning Reads!

Posted on 14 March 2010 Sunday

Good morning!

I started my day with the intention to read email and go fix breakfast but that plan worked as well as it never does. I’ve begun digging into the blog feeds, checking Facebook and Twitter and on and on! So, what have I been finding? [note: it’s now 2 hrs. later!]

First, I have to thank

  • Varian and Jessica for including me in such a fun author tour
  • everyone who registered to win a copy of Saving Maddie

The drawing will be an old fashioned pulling paper out of a box and I’ll post winners later today. If you’re not among the lucky winners, you can read chapter one of Saving Maddie here.

Need money for your library?  Two recent grants

What libraries don’t need money these days?!!  I hope you’re paying attention to cuts in school budgets in your local district. How many educators are losing their positions? Administrators in central offices? How will class sizes and student services be affected? Are you losing art and music classes? School librarians?

Many administrators think that cutting librarians is an obvious choice when eliminating positions. That may have been closer to true in a 1940s school model but not in a 21st century school where students (and staff!) need to develop information literacy skills, students need a professional to help them find books they enjoy so that they can develop a lifelong love of reading and where often there is no one else in the school to address technology issues.  YALSA lists the competencies for librarians serving youth and after reading, you have to wonder why these educators would be an obvious choice. Indiana has voted to allow districts to move monies from building funds and other areas of the budget in order to increase the payroll budget. It’s a start.

School librarians/media specialists also fight for intellectual freedom. Most school libraries have policies in place so that when community members request books be removed from its shelves, a process is in place to protected freedoms of the students, authors and community members. Such policies are becoming increasingly important as conservative groups, in attacks on Obama’s appointee Kevin Jennings are also addressing books in his GLSEN reading list. A school in New Jersey has already been requested to remove three books from its shelves.  With more challenges expected around the country, it becomes more important that parents, taxpayers and other community members stay aware of the roles individuals inside schools play in the lives of our children and the fights we face on their behalf. What will happen if their are no librarians in these schools?

True grit. That’s what it takes. True grit like that of librarian/author/winner of the CSK award Vonda Micheaux Nelson. She’s featured in this month’s School Library Journal.  True grit like that lived by the Asian American artists featured in Leading the Way by Irene Poon.

Sometimes in our blogging, we (ok, I) get so caught up in being purposeful that I neglect the personal. I’ve considered a second, personal blog, but it would have be offer so little information of interest that I’ll just stick to this. There are those who do know what aspect of themselves to share and do so with just the right flare! Like Cassy on Reach For More/Apsire a Mas. I’d never heard of cositas! Sometimes, grit is just in being ourself!

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