Posted on 21 March 2010 Sunday

Most of my online time today is going to be spent updating my links. Let’s call it spring cleaning since it is getting close to spring break. I’m looking forward to getting away for a very short while and visiting my daughter in Atlanta. In the mean time, just a few things to get you reading today!

Or maybe to get you writing! The Asian American Writers’ Workshop has a short story competition open to all writers of Asian descent living in the US or Canada.  The contest will name 10 finalists and one grand prize winner. The deadline for submission is 31 March.

If you have time for reading and are looking for something really good, check out these adult  reads.

And if you’re viewing, CSpan recently announced that it will give online access to all its video files collected since 1978. What a wealth for educators!!

If like me you’re spending more time reading YA, be sure to read Greg Neri’s Chess Rumble if you haven’t already! Neri is the 2010 winner of the Lee Bennett Hopkins/International Reading Association Promising Poet Award for Chess Rumble, published by Lee & Low. CONGRATULATIONS!

School libraries continue to fight for funding. While Education Secretary Duncan admits that library’s are underfunded, he as yet offers no remedy. Does he realize there are school libraries that exist with no budget?? I just realized this myself through a thread on my local listserv. That’s right, there are school libraries that have no monies appropriated for books, magazines, technology, professional development …nothing! nada! rien!!  While certifying authorities often mandate that a specific amount of dollars per child be spent on the library, school administrators will be cute with the funds and include salaries as the amount spent on the library when the dollar amount is clearly meant to address how much should be spent on books.

Have you visited a school library lately? Go and visit on this week! Notice how busy it is! Find out if the librarian’s position will be funded next year. Ask if s/he has a budget for books, professional development and technology tools. If they can’t by print books, you know electronic resources aren’t even an issue! The students we’re educating today are our present and future leaders. Find out what they’re getting in the library, the hub of the 21zt century school!

Have a reading filled week!

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