A Nation Without Libraries

Posted on 31 March 2010 Wednesday

I’m back from a wonderful and much needed vacation in Atlanta. I have a few interesting pictures to post from my time there, but I had to stop catching up on email, paying bills and hitting the GoogleReader to post this dismal view of America that Zetta Elliott just shared with me. Take the time to click this link to a GoogleMap that will show you the school districts across America that will be losing librarians. I’ve told you why I know libriarians are critical.  Could you leave a comment about what school libraries have meant to you? Also, if your school or district is not on the map and needs to be, please add it!

I have to add that I do know school librarians aren’t the only ones losing jobs. It’s happening to too many good people in critical positions across the country. I just happen to know that school librarians are something we’ve always taken for granted. And, it kinda bothers me that as front line workers, workers who make a difference for any employer because of the direct impact they have are the ones who are losing jobs while executives and administrators continue to get raises, bonuses and perks that have a greater impact on the bottom line than front line workers’ salaries ever will.

A Nation Without School Librarians

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