A Diverse Entry

Posted on 1 May 2010 Saturday

Good morning!

It’s quite cloudy and overcast this morning, but I’m feeling so energetic! Perhaps its the bright green nail polish I got during my pedi last night? Maybe it’s the thought of going to exercise later today. I can’t believe it’s been so long! This past week I got my exercise re-organizing shelves in the media center. With new books coming in, shelves are getting uneven and I need to move things down and back and around! My mind wonders in so many directions during this process remember the stories inside books, when and where I read them, figuring out how this shelf got so messy and then telling myself to quite pulling so many books to read later! In the midst of all this, I’m looking at the titles and authors and doesn’t it just amaze you sometimes to look at books and see how such opposing authors/subjects can sit right next to one another on your library shelf? I amazed myself at how diverse my shelves are! So, I set out to find which shelf in my library is the most diverse. Hands down, this is the winner:

The Three Musketeers  DUMAS (classic from France)
Count of Monte Cristo DUMAS (Dumas was of Afro French ancestry on his mother’s side)
By these ten bones DUNKLE (werewolves in Scotland)
Degrassi Junior High: Caitlan DUNPHY (based on teen TV show based in Toronto)
City of Ember DUPRAU (fantasy set in the year 241)
After School EARLS (teen love set in Australia)
Incident at Hawk’s Hill ECKERT (survival story of a 6 year old girl on the Canadian prarie who is protected by a badger)
The matchlock gun EDMONDS (historical fiction, NY 1756)
If I should die EDWARDS (African American mystery featuring Mali Anderson)
Plenty good room EDWARDS (Life of an African American social worker and her foster daughter)
Battle dress EFAW (female cadet’s first summer at West Point)
After EFAW (Teen did what to her newborn baby??)
Sistahood on the mic E-FIERCE (Latina hip hop fiction)
10 things to do before I die EHRENHAFT (16 year old thinks he’s dying!)
Perfect chemistry ELKELES (Latino love story)
Degrassi Junior High Joey Jeremiah ELLIS (based upon Canadian teen TV series)
Juneteenth ELLISON (Ellison’s follow up to Invisible Man, published after his death)
Under a war torn sky ELLIOTT (WWII, France)
Sacred leaf  ELLIS (This second novel in the Cocalero series makes clear the importance of coca in Bolivia’s rural economy)
Mud city ELLIS (Breadwinner trilogy set in Pakistan)
The breadwinner ELLIS (based onon the true-life stories of women in Afghan refugee camps)
Parvana’s Journey ELLIS (Breadwinners trilogy set in Afghanistan)
Finding Forester ELLISON (young African American man is inspired by aging White author)
Wish after midnight ELLIOTT (African American historical/speculative fiction)
Bird ELLIOTT (young African American boy uses art as inspiration)
The mean lean weightlifting machine queen EMERSON (15 year old girl becomes a power lifter)
Joys of motherhood EMECHATA (Nigerian fiction classic)

OK, top this! Post links to images of  diversity in your home or school library!