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Going Postal

June 30, 2010


First I have to mention: Today, The Bottom of  Heaven is featuring Doret, TheHappyNappyBookseller on Humanizing Cholly Breedlove: Vilified? Redeemed? How did you respond to this character or how might we read him today? Naughty Book Kitties t-shirt give away is meant to celebrate LGBT week. Find out more about the week on this great […]

Naughty Kitty Kontest

June 29, 2010

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I’ve been following Naughty Kitty since Neesha pointed me in that direction. She did it cause she liked his stuff, I’m doing it so you can win a t-shirt!

40 years later on the Bottom of Heaven

June 29, 2010


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Hey Y’All!I’m back!!

June 28, 2010


The joy I get from working in the library comes as much from obtaining information as it is from leading others to it. Last night, I returned from a an NEH Landmark seminar “The Most Southern Place on Earth: Music Culture, and History in the Mississippi Delta.” Information isn’t just in books. It’s in the […]


June 20, 2010


My mom’s passing away was softened by the presence of other mother figures in my life. Other female relatives stepped up to the plate. Friends shared their mom with me and even my contemporaries deepened their relationships with me. While I still miss her, my life enriched in other ways. Why didn’t this happen when […]

Interested in Genealogical Research?

June 15, 2010


Many ancestors – immigrants and pioneers, slaves, women, native peoples, and others – do not have compiled biographies. They are invisible in the historical record, except through census or other data collection entities. Where there are gaps, the stories can be told through early travelogues, letters, diaries, maps, texts and printed ephemera, photographs and other […]

Monday Mailbox

June 14, 2010


Please post a comment if you’d like to receive one of the follow books. Limit one book per person. Previous “MondayMailbox” recipients are ineligible. The first person to claim the book gets it! If you’re the first person, go ahead and send an email with your postal address to crazyquilts at hotmail dot com Moribito: […]


June 13, 2010


My daughter was home this weekend. She kicked the heck out of my contemplative lifestyle (i.e., boring routine) and got the dust out! I really was doing just fine (well, I thought so!) but sometimes, I guess we just need some fresh air, something to add a little diversity and to  mix things up for […]


June 12, 2010