iPhone Library App

Posted on 2 June 2010 Wednesday

Does your school or public library purchase Gale Databases for its users? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Gale has apps for patrols of local school and public libraries to find the vast array of Gale resources on their iPhone.  Students can use the application to locate their school and then will be required to authenticate for the school year, using a password provided by the school.

The original AccessMyLibrary app uses your global position to locate public libraries within a 10-mile radius, providing access to all Gale resources subscribed by that library. The feature enables libraries to partner with Gale to generate library awareness, primarily among users not typically aware of libraries. It can also drive usage to your electronic resources, foot traffic to libraries, and demonstrate your commitment to provide innovative technology and content to patrons.

You can download the FREE AccessMyLibrary apps at the iTunes store. There is no authentication required to access the resources.