Going Postal

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now for today’s post…

I hate to come home with regrets and right now, I have one. I regret not having sent postcards to my nephews. I know, no one does those any more, do they? Me, I’m a letter writer from way back. I still think people enjoy receiving things, especially unexpected things, via postal mail. Letters and postcards can be tucked aways and saved in ways that emails cannot. Sure, what we put into the ether stays forever, but how do we always access it? I need something I can tie ribbons on, fold and refold, look at the handwriting and image that hand that wrote it.
Did Emmett Till have a chance to send a postcard or letter home?
I like how this blog documents Letters of Note by providing an image of the original letter as well as a transcription. Posting an email wouldn’t be quite the same.
I don’t even have a postcard I picked up along the way to send them. I’ll have to do better next time!

One thought on “Going Postal

  1. Edi,

    I miss receiving traditional mails and cards as well, though I’m not doing better job. Last time I traveled I did buy postcards, but barely got around to… hm, posting them. I was really ashamed of myself. I wanted to surprise my friends and let them know they were in my thoughts, while sharing something about my location at the time.

    Thank you for reminding us how essential and meaningful letters still are.

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