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Posted on 12 July 2010 Monday

Do you ever notice that when you get on a computer that you need to check the email, FB, newsfeeds and other routine sites before getting down to work? That’s how I am and my list of routine sites just keeps growing and getting more time consuming. I just enjoy learning too much.

There has been much discussion on the authenticity of voice on POC literature, often I ignore the need for this discussion with regard to illustrations, not just on the cover but throughout the story. I’m good about ignoring images when I read and yes, I consequently miss half the story. Posts like this bring more meaning to illustrations in literature and will motivate me to pay more attention.

Scholastic feels like it’s making inroads by providing Arabic language books to students in Arabic speaking countries. The books are American classics translated into Arabic.

Library Journal/School Library Journal is sponsoring an online conference, “eBooks: Libraries @the Tipping Point”. The cost is quite reasonable and sessions will be archived for a short while.

I recently had a blog comment from Sarah, a very interesting librarian who in her spare time created the Give Time or Give Money website. It allows us to give not just money, but according to whatever our particular talent may be. This is the site’s most recent blog post

Here is an eye-opener in terms of what you could do if you had $1.00 a day to give away.Women Thrive develops, shapes and advocates for policies that foster economic opportunities for women living in poverty. They believe that women are the key to ending global poverty. or as they say–“When you teach a woman to fish, everybody eats.” The $1.00 opportunity here is explained on this page. Simply put, you are going to pledge $1.00 each day for a year by joining the Dollar-A-Day Circle.  This is a great website–check it out.

Doesn’t it make you just want to give that $1/day?

Completely not book related is this delicious, homemade Coconut Nutella Swirl Ice Cream. The photo is so inviting!

I’ve got a presentation to complete. In the meantime, I’ve got an iPhone on the way today!! I’m a public school employee, seldom do I get new tools and I’m really psyched about this one. I know it’s got issues, but Apple is a responsible company, they’ll be worked out. Soon.

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