Posted on 18 July 2010 Sunday

Home. It’s so good to be home, to have a home, a place that is so familiar and accepting. No mistake I love leaving home and exploring the world, but right now it’s good just to be at home for the air conditioning, if nothing else! After getting in at 3am on Thursday, I presented with Amy and Doret at NDLC. Friday, Doret and I ventured into the city and met Zetta.  These women are so inspiring!

Amy with her passion for W.A.R., Zetta for her dedication to her craft and Doret for her amazing insights into literature. I just want to bury myself in books! You should be following Amy for the W.A.R. series, but be sure to check out her reporting on NDLC.

For some really great links today, visit BibLauraGraphy.

I’m going to go find some fried corn!

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