iPhone + Road trips = Library Visit

I finally got an iPhone and my daughter warned me to prepare a 3-5 hour block to play with it. I have spent way too much time playing Whirly Word and Unblock Me. I forgot about the cool Map app while in NYC until Zetta reminded me it would be a great way to find Spoonbread!  I spent a little time with FaceTime and that’s all about playing: swiveling the phone, turning it upside down and showing off the blue toenails. I’m finding I like keeping the stuff I do on my ‘puter right on my puter, stuff like FB, Twitter…

Oh, I’ve downloaded my fair share of free stuff and am putting together a list of apps for education for a blog post. Polls are showing that Black and Latino students are big on phone usage, so this could be a great way to increase teaching effectiveness.

Remember that car charger with the FM tuner I mentioned yesterday? I’m using that for road trips so that I can play tunes from my phone through the radio. I got one it with the hand free device so that I can also talk on the phone while driving.  I decided to add some sparkle to my music stash by visiting the public library and checking out some CDs.  I thought there was a limit on how many CDs I could get, and there is: 60!

My loot list:


Phoebe Snow: Second Childhood (yes, the one with Poetry Man!!)

George Winston: Autumn

Josh Groban: Awake

Neil Diamond: Greatest Hits vol 2

Whitney Houston: Whitney

Sammy Davis Jr and Carmen McRae: Boy meets Girl

Willie Nelson: Lost Highway

and some books on CD:

Train to Trieste by Domnica Radulescu

Something on the Side by Carl Weber

I’ve uploaded the music, not sure about the books. I may just play them through the car’s CD player. Suggestions appreciated!


3 thoughts on “iPhone + Road trips = Library Visit

  1. This year I found myself spending hours figuring out my iPod Touch, Blackberry, and Kindle. It was time well spent, since there’s so much one can do with them.

    I look forward to your link on educational apps.

  2. I hv an Iphone 3Gs and love it. I’ve been downloading the audiobooks from SYNC YA Listening and tuning in to those while driving. I love being able to look up stuff on the fly. When we went to DC in May, I used the Maps App to find the nearest Starbucks and then used it to get walking directions. So cool!

    • BrainLair,
      Is your school using iPods? iPads?
      I’m new to the Apple touch screens devices with my iphone, but I find them incredibly intuitive. People tried to tell me that, but I found the proof in the pudding.
      The maps app is just wonderful! Last week it got me around my hometown and I felt like I’ve never left!
      Have you found the local books app yet? It lets you find bookstores, libraries, museums and events in your area. I really like that app!
      I didn’t do well listening to my iPhone on the drive to Toledo and I’m wondering if the antennae in the iphone4 was the culprit.

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