Posted on 8 August 2010 Sunday

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Yes, it’s that time of year again! You may not be retuning to school in any form or fashion, but after haven’t spent so much of your life there, it’s quite possible that like Ernessa at 32 Candles, you’re feeling the need for something new.

My once blue toenails are now pink.

I went to the international food store and was surprised to find dragon fruit which I haven’t had in ages.

I’m considering a haircut.

Fall for me has become a time of new beginnings.

Another new thing I’m doing is healthier foods. I met with a trainer who recommended oatmeal with raisins and almonds as about the most perfect breakfast I could eat yet, it will never, ever look or probably taste as good as this.

Nope, no luck on the job search but I love what I do too much to feel sad about returning to my same school.

I’ve been working on iPhone and iPod apps. While you’re getting the ebook readers (great for all the free classics if nothing else!) be sure to get the Sony Overdrive Reader so that you can download books from your public library and read them on your device.  Library catalogs are filled with ebooks and audiobooks that you can borrow similar to print books. Find out what devices you library supports and you’ll be good to go!

Be sure to visit Reading in Color for a chance to win a copy of Yummie: Last days of a southside shorty.

Have I convinced you yet that Google is NOT just a search engine?? Here’s what they know about you.

I don’t know how I found the blog for the Indiana Historical Society, clearly I spend too much time online. But, in finding it, I found what looks like a very interesting book on the history of a Mexican American family in northern Indiana. The mother of the family Maria Perez, entered an arranged marriage at age fourteen at the end of the Mexican Revolution. She married and she and her husband moved to East Chicago and worked in steel mills.

If you know a student who is going off to college this fall, be sure to take the time to give her a few words of wisdom. I just met a senior going off this fall, he’s first generation college. He asked about how to get his books. Remember, these students are used to someone taking classes to the bookstore to get books. They have no idea how important this first semester is in establishing good habits and getting a nice, solid GPA. Please, take the time to tell them! And be sure to tell them to visit the library!

I hope you find a good book to read this week!

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