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I think we spend so many years in school that as fall rolls around, we feel like we should be beginning something.  I remember years ago when I stayed at home with my children, I felt that way in the fall. It was unsettling until I realized why I felt the urge to do something new. I’ve heard of retired teachers who plan trips for the fall so that they can have a new experience.

For me as school begins, new projects naturally occur. It’s exciting to talk to students and teachers and have the ideas and possibilities flow. That’s what education is all about! I have to know my limits, though because there is only so much I can do with so much required just to keep a library operational. I have gotten a student helper who is quite reliable so that will help some.

My school is once again facing re-staffing for the upcoming year and this is what happens when schools don’t meet AYP (Annual Yearly Performance). It’s a frightening thought for educators to face, but I’ve always said that if I’m not doing what I need to do, then move me out. Students don’t get a second chance so we have to keep their needs first and foremost in schools.

So, with projects looming, books to be selected, ordered and processed, classes to be scheduled and taught and on and on and on, I’ve faced myself with one guiding question for the year: How do I as a school librarian become indispensable? I don’t mean as an individual because I’m cute and friendly and I don’t mean as a clerk has an efficient facility, but as true librarian professional, how do Iwe make myself seen as a critical component in the school’s mission?  With budget cuts looming again and too many schools cutting librarians, I think finding the right answer to this question is critical.

Critical to looking and feeling successful is getting things done. To me, that means working from a list. I think I’m working from too many locations to use anything other than pencil and paper for my lists.  I don’t know, perhaps evernote on computers? What do you think?

Yasmin Shiraz is someone is has to be organized to perfection! Remember Retaliation? That’s her! She’s also the producer of Can She Be Saved?

Can She Be Saved? features 8th grade girls from Syracuse, NY who’ve been labeled aggressive by their teachers and guidance counselors. “This film gives girls who fight the opportunity to speak up and talk about their anger and their propensity toward violence,” said Shiraz

The film has won awards in North Carolina, Texas and the United Kingdom. KUDOS, Ms. Shiraz!

Communication is becoming less flat. Even with the links, images and embedded videos blogs are kinda flat. Well, mine is. I’ve thought about making a podcast, just haven’t done it yet! Fuse8 recently featured BrainBurps, a blog about children’s books that has evolved into podcasts and now apps!!  Think of the possibilities for your favorite blog! The BrainBurp app costs $1.99, but Fuse8 has a contest…

I discovered Google FastFlip. You enter a search term and your results are current news articles.  I used it to find this article in the NYTimes about the US Government indoctrinating young readers in Japan through manga.  Scholastic is doing the same thing to youngsters in the mideast, they’re just more subtle about it.

If you’re looking for a new project, consider supporting the Prisoners’ Reading Encouragement Project. Thanks for pointing this out, Zetta.

Change is in the air!!

Enjoy your week!

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