Posted on 30 August 2010 Monday

I’m thinking about picking up Ari’s Male Monday Meme and I’m going to try it out today by working with my readers to identify POC males who write for middle school boys. It’s turning into a challenging start!  I do find that middle school boys probably have the most eclectic taste in reading on the planet. They’re looking for adventure, humor, sports,  biographies or even romance. Yes, romance! Also, they seem to be more concerned with the action than with the characters.  Wonder why I never see books for boys of color about farts, flying dragons or creepy critters.

What’s your experience with POC boy readers? Who are some of the males you’ve found who write for them?  Perhaps you can think of books by males that have a diverse cast of characters, like Holes by Louis Sachar.

Gary Soto
Facing the Lion Joseph Lemasoliai Lekuton
Walter Dean Myers
Chess  Rumble; Yummy by G. Neri
The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez
Marvelous World by Troy Cle
Sucker Punch by David Hernandez
Christopher Paul Curtis
The Whole Sky Full of Stars by Rene Saldano
Julius Lester
Tony Medina
Joseph Bruchac
Simon Ortiz

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