Posted on 17 September 2010 Friday

Too, too often I mention the lack of books for children of color in a particular genre. Well, I’ve realized another.

I was setting biographies on display today and as I picked up more and more books on males of color, I realized how few I have, how few there are on women of color. This is important because students often use biographies for reports in English, History or even Science classes. When they see no women who look like them in books they get the message that thecontribution of women just don’t matter.

I have a fantastic biography of Zora Neale Hurston with reproductions of maps and letters places in little pockets in the book, several books on Madame C J Walker and Wilma Rudolph who both lived in Indianapolis. There are a few others like the Williams sisters, Mahalia Jackson, Maya Angelou, Frida , Condoleeza Rice, Jessie de la Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Selena, Sarah Winnemucca and a few others.

Women past and present have lives that can inspire young readers today. Who do you think they are? Which women do you think deserve to have a MG or YA biography?

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