3rd and Inches

Posted on 3 October 2010 Sunday

Or…so close, but yet so far away!

I’m waiting for the Colts to make this touchdown and tie up the game. At the same time, I’m wondering why so few of theblogs I”ve caught up with today have mentioned anything about the public libraries in Santa Clarita, CA that have been taken over by a private company. This, to me goes against everything libraries have come to stand for in this country. Talk about freedom of speech? free access to information? We’re getting so far away!

I free associate a lot. I don’t know if I’m seeing patterns and creating relationships or if all I’m doing is finding a way to make it about me.  Earlier this afternoon, I was listening to Splendid Table in NPR during which the host mentioned there was a time when there a few sources necessary to follow to know what was going on in the culinary world. Naturally, that made me think about the world of multicultural literature and then wonder: who are the go to people when it comes to POC books, particularly for teens of color? Who are the people who know (personally, please) upcoming and established authors, can list (and contact)  the publishers and editors , who publish regularly themselves, who identify trends and are able to  affect the market? Who is leading and representing the literary world as it relates to POC teens?

The Colts scored but lost by a field goal.

Are there leaders in this niche? There are certainly followers. Sounds like 3rd and inches.

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