Posted on 4 October 2010 Monday

Males of color can be pretty macho. I’m trying not to pull out the stereotypes, but yes… Japanese, Chinese, Black, Cuban, Mexican… MACHO!!!! They’re gay, too.

I’ve been reading HungerMountain where Malinda Lo explains the act of putting her story out there and letting go;Lee Wind debates whether it’s time  LGBQT stories to move beyond coming out stories and Alex Sanchez writes about his quiet self purging himself of various issues that relate to teens who need to hear what he has to say and who need to tell their own stories as well.

The articles in HungerMountain are short and concise. They’re giving  me greater depth in my perception of GLBQT lit and this gives me greater confidence in talking the books.

You bet, I’ll continue to buy and promote GLBTQ (the Q is for questioning).

So, what gay young adult POC males have you read lately? Is coming out the only issue?


MaleMonday is a meme that began with Ari @ Reading in Color

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