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Posted on 2 November 2010 Tuesday

Before I share some great stuff some of our favorite authors are up to I have a Netgalley/Nook update. Hatchette Book Group has joined NetGalley. NetGalley has upgraded Kindle services and Nook has always been able to read NetGalley materials!

This posted on the YALSA listserv from Malinda Lo author of Ash:

Essentially, I’d like to put my book in the hands of LGBTQ teens, so I’m reaching out to teachers, librarians, LGBT community centers, and GSAs to figure out where I can send at least 30 copies of Ash. I’m hoping that you can help spread the word. The full details of my giveaway are on my website:

There’s no contest to enter; the teacher/librarian/youth mentor simply needs to email me a few details about how they work with LGBTQ youth in their job, and tell me how they would use a copy or copies of Ash. Thanks very much for your help in spreading the word!

Jesse Joshua Watson is offering this opportunity for children to help Haiti

We Give Books has an extraordinary program in place that allows even those with no means to donate in any other way, to help send books to kids who can not afford them. It is a way of letting kids take part in something that helps them feel like they are actually contributing to this, because they are.

Go to and each time someone reads a free online version of Hope for Haiti or other children’s books, Pearson Foundation will give an actual copy of a book to kids in Haiti.

Go check it out and let your kids take part in building a better world!

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