I push You push

Posted on 4 November 2010 Thursday

I stopped to pick up dinner tonight, placed my carry out order and waited for my food while playing Words With Friends, a game I really enjoy even though I’ve gotten my butt kicked in every match I’ve played save one. I just happened to glance up as a couple of ladies were leaving and started to smile greeting when I saw a familiar face. The young lady asked if I remember her and I asked if she still had her Mickey Mouse tattoo. This young lady was a student of mine back in 1999/2000. She was so happy to see me! I was congested, speechless, glad to see her, too! She wanted to thank me for giving her a copy of Push and for the note I wrote in it. Things weren’t going to well for her at the time, she needed a way to get to school and I’d pick her up every morning and take her to school with me. I remember that, but I hate that I don’t remember giving her the book.  She said she couldn’t believe when it became a movie and it was so special for her. She said  things teachers can’t imagine they’d ever hear from students. I mean, I think I’ve done some nice things for students, but I do what I do and life goes on, you know? I try to brighten students days, get them to think critically. But, me, profoundly touching a student?

I was speechless.

We hugged. We cried.

See, I wasn’t a librarian when I gave her the book. I was a Social Studies teacher. I had no idea at that time I would end up in the library. It feels so very right.

My student validated me I guess, just as I validated her.

It still feels awkward sharing things like this in such a personal forum, but this was quite a first for me.

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