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Male Monday is a meme started by Ari @ Reading in Color and continued here with her permission.

This evening, I came home to find bright yellow mums that had recently bloomed on the side of my home. I didn’t think the blossoms were going to open before Jack Frost frolicked in them, so this was quite a pleasant surprise. I cut all the flowers and brought them inside to protect them from the weather. I placed them into three separate vases  to decorate my space and left for the gym. Upon my return I was hit by the most aromatic, sweet fragrance from the flowers! I’ve never smelled mums so sweet.

I’m curious as to why the photos flipped in transit from my phone to my computer, but they’re still quite beautiful to me.

It’s just the little things that can bring us a bit of pleasure, you know? I’m really struggling to find a way to segue that into my MaleMonday post and it’s just not going to happen. So.   .   .

Have you ever noticed how few male book bloggers there are? When you try to look for male bloggers who promote YA and are of color, or promote books of color, well, the numbers are really small. This is what I’m coming up with. Please add to my list.

Guys Lit Wire: Posts on this blog are actually done by male and female bloggers, but they offer a wide selection of books.

Richies Picks: I have to admit I don’t like Richie’s wiki where he posts his reviews, but I really like his reviews. He posts A LOT of reviews! I usually read them when he posts them to the YALSA listserv. He has worked hard to organize the site with the most recent reviews listed on the page and older reviews available alphabetically. Reviews can also be received via email.

Rene Colato Lainez is the Salvadorean author of many award-winning children’s books. He’s judging the Cybils MG/YA non-fiction books with me this January!

LargeHeartedBoy is a music blog featuring daily free and legal music downloads as well as news from the worlds of music, literature, and pop culture. He’s also a fellow Cybils judge!

Greg Neri’s G – Blog is part of his website which includes a fantastic reading list for boys. His blog? Well, he’s current blogging his adventures in Berlin!

Brent of Naughty Book Kitties is a reader, cheerleader, gay boy, shopaholic, and aspiring YA editor/literary agent.

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