UnderCoverMonday: Temptress Four

Posted on 6 December 2010 Monday

Temptress Four by Gaby Triana

published in 2008 by Harper Collins

Things were about to change.

How I knew that, I don’t know but during the closing our of the fair, I felt different. Very different. Maybe it was the heavy June humidity, or the lights and screams from the midway or how the four of us clung together, laughing too much like nothing would ever come between us, but something big was going to happen. It had to–high school was officially over.

We were standing in front of the Ring of Fire, watching the last of the seniors sneak in a final ride, when I saw it, tucked away behind an elephant ear stand. A blue and yellow tent with a hand-painted sign: Madame Fortuna Can see Your Future! 5 tickets!

The inside flap says the friends have an eight day vacation planned, but the fortune-teller will predict trouble 

“One of you will not come home”

“Bonds will be broken”

But, it’s supposed to be the best 8 days of their life! Triana has pulled me into this 239 page adventure!

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