review: Battling Malaria

Posted on 13 December 2010 Monday

title: Battling Malaria

author: Connie Goldsmith

date: September, 2010; Lerner Publishing Group



Malaria is a disease many people know about, but few realize how it impacts people of color around the globe. Did you know it is one of the top three killers worldwide?

Batting Malaria provides high school students with factual information on malaria, a disease which has been around forever. Goldsmith explains why the disease continues to prevail in high poverty areas and speaks to students as budding scientist while explaining the historical and contemporary impact of this mosquito borne disease. While the format of the book will engage students, most will probably use it to seek specific information rather than reading straight through. It is a valuable addition to any library because it is a well written and document source of information about a disease that affects much of the world’s populatio

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