Posted on 26 December 2010 Sunday

I hope your Sunday is as peacefully and fulfilling as mine is feeling right now. I’m almost caught up on reading blog feeds and I’m really enjoying reading the lists of what people have read, what they’re looking forward to reading and how everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Authors are being inspired with new stories, librarians are amazing me with the projects they’re creating to excite readers and to spread the use of technology.  Be sure to check out your library services when you get your new ereaders because many public libraries have ebooks and audiobooks that can be downloaded to ereaders and computers for patrons to enjoy! I even have ebooks in my school catalog!

One of the books I’m seeing a lot of good buzz about it Christopher Grant’s Teenie. You’re not seeing a lot here simply because I don’t have a copy yet but Medeia Sharif (author of the upcoming Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.) has a wonderful interview with Grant on her blog. When I read the interview, I was reminded that the book is about a young lady who wants to be accepted into a study abroad program in Spain.  At the same time, in my email I’ve received and announcement from the EastWest Center announcing the “American Youth Leadership Program – Channeling the Story: A Cross-cultural Investigation of Modern Media,” a youth leadership program in Cambodia for American high school students, sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), US Department of State. They’re looking for 35 high school students and 5 teachers to travel to Cambodia this summer  to advance mutual understanding between the people of the United States and of other countries, prepare youth leaders to become responsible citizens, spark an interest in learning about foreign cultures, and develop a cadre of Americans with cultural understanding who are able to advance international dialogue and compete effectively in the global economy.  The application deadline is 31 January. More can be found on the organization’s website.  What an opportunity for students, particularly those of color!

I don’t know if you’ve ever taken the time to explore this blog. If not, I don’t want you to miss some of the resources here. If you looking up there in my header, you’ll find some pretty awesome links. There’s one that has an annual lists of books by authors of color. I admit, I wasn’t that good at it when I started, but the lists are a pretty good resource for books by authors of color. My 2011 list is pretty full and will be growing throughout the year.  Most are YA there’s a good supply of MG as well.

I took the long, long list of authors of color that used to line the side of my blog and put them on a separate page. You’ll find a link above as well as a link to coming of age movies for teens of color. All of these lists are continually updated. Feel free to send names and titles that need to be added or to let me know about dead or faulty links.

I think I’ll finish up this break getting some 2010 books read, practicing more with Prezi, getting to the state library to do some family research on and getting some more free books into my Nook.  My next SundayMorningRead will find us in a new year. I hope to see you there happy and healthy!

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