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book review: Seeing Emily

February 25, 2011


title: Seeing Emily author: Joyce Lee Wong date: Amulet Books, 2005 main character: Emily Wu Sixteen year old Emily is trying to make her place in the world, but first she has to figure out who she is as a person. She has wonderful skills as an artist, which have been nurtured by her mother […]

African American Read in Today!

February 20, 2011


Good morning! The African American Read In is today! Ari has questions up and will be posting more later today. There will also be a discussion on Twitter. I’ll come back and post the # we’ll be using so that posts will be easy to follow throughout the day.  I’m liking #bleedingreadin .  I think […]


February 13, 2011


February. Way back when I began teaching, I hearted February as it gave me the opportunity to do veer from the tried and true and do some really creative things with my students. Because the student population at the Catholic school where I taught was 100% African American, we would celebrate Valentines Day as “I […]

Male Monday: Processing Books

February 7, 2011


Part of my job includes processing books, and that is what I was doing today. Putting labels and security tags on books is pretty easy but it takes a bit longer than it should and you can’t rush it so that you don’t make a mess. I often drool (figuratively) over books I’d like to […]

book review: God Loves Hair

February 6, 2011


title: God Loves Hair author: Vivek Shraya Artist: Juliana Neufeld date: Vivek Shraya, 2010 God Loves Hair is a collection of short stories that relates the coming of age of a gay, Indian boy. If his name was given in the story, I completely missed it. Oh, he was called names, ugly names that told […]


February 6, 2011


I’m feeling quite ambivalent today and that’s not good when this is the one day of the week I guarantee a post! I’ve had a 4 day Ice Vacation and school tomorrow doesn’t seem quite promised. If we don’t go to school tomorrow, we will go later at the end of the year so we […]

Crossing Borders

February 3, 2011

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Crossing Borders is a series I sometimes do on Thursdays. Day three of the Ice Vacation. I took the trash can to the curb and really thought I could walk around the block to get my mail. Stepping down from the rounded curb looked tricky as it was solid ice so I considered walking on […]

Happy New Year!

February 3, 2011


Dear School Librarians!

February 2, 2011


Dear School Librarians:  GET INVOLVED!! There are so many issues that are affecting us today and not always in a good way. Given the isolation that most of us work in, joining professional communities are about the only way we can stay current in our field. We cannot complain about a lack of diversity if […]