Icing on the Cake

Posted on 1 February 2011 Tuesday

The view out my window

Actually, we have ice on the streets and on the trees, roof tops and power wires. They say it will finish about 1 am and I’m hoping that’s too late to get things together to have school tomorrow. Icing on the cake just sounds a bit more enjoyable and this is going to be an ejoyable post!

Have you downloaded your 28 Days Poster yet?

Are you a fan of speculative fiction? I can’t say I seek it out, but at the same time I’ve read some wonderful books in this genre, most of which have had White characters. Does the race of the characters matter? Why should children of color be exposed to tales of magic, suspense and fantastic thinking? Zetta Elliott has written a piece for SLJ that weaves together her past, present and future as she relates why we need more African American speculative fiction.

Perhaps you’re just the one to write the next fantasy novel for African American, Native, Latino or Asian children. Or maybe you’d like to write other books for children of color. If so, you should consider this opportunity to develop your talent that has been created by author  Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich. The spring submission period for participation is 1-4 February. I’m going to link you to this interview @HappyNappyBookseller so that you can have all the details to get you started.

I really admire people who find their talent and earn a living from it. Me? I guess it’s icing cakes. You?

If you need some motivating, check out these young African American innovators ages 16-21. Scroll over and click on the images.


I just got my call. No school tomorrow!! I’m wishing safe passage to all those in the path of this storm.

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