Dear School Librarians!

Posted on 2 February 2011 Wednesday

Dear School Librarians:  GET INVOLVED!! There are so many issues that are affecting us today and not always in a good way. Given the isolation that most of us work in, joining professional communities are about the only way we can stay current in our field. We cannot complain about a lack of diversity if we don’t get involved! If we don’t bring up issues that affect students of diverse ethnic, religious or sexual orientation then who will??

Do you already belong to any professional library organizations? If so what are they? What kind of work are they doing?

If you are a school librarian, one of the best ways to get involved on the national level, the best way to find out what issues are affecting us, the best way to network, to expand your career, to make sure issues that concern you and your library are address is to get thyself on an AASL committee. Straight from pres-elect Carl Harvey is how to do it:

1.)  Go to the AASL website and check out the list committees.
2.)  Consider which ones you think you would like to be involved.  Realize, too, that there are some committees everyone wants to be a part of, so make sure to have more than one on your list.
3.)  Go online and fill out the AASL volunteer form. (You will need to login into the ALA website for the form to work)
4.)  Fill out the form.  Make sure to choose several committees you would like to be involved.

During the month of February, appointments will begin.  My goal is to get as many people involved as possible.  But, the process doesn’t end here. Throughout the year, the Board will also create Task Forces that have a specific job and time frame.  So, this will be another place for member volunteers.

Last year the AASL Board decided that committees have the option to work virtually.  Each chair will determine how best for their committee to work.  Even if you aren’t able to attend Midwinter or Annual, you can still be involved in an AASL committee by working virtually.

The volunteer database needs to be updated each year, so for those that have served on committees in the past, please make sure to go and fill out the form again.

If you aren’t a member of AASL, this is a perfect time to join!