Male Monday: Processing Books

Posted on 7 February 2011 Monday

Part of my job includes processing books, and that is what I was doing today. Putting labels and security tags on books is pretty easy but it takes a bit longer than it should and you can’t rush it so that you don’t make a mess. I often drool (figuratively) over books I’d like to read while I’m doing this, but rarely do I open a book to read it. I made the mistake of doing that today and had a very hard time putting the book down.

This is the book that grabbed me: There’s No Traffic in the Extra Mile by Rickey Minor. I’m not an American Idol fan, never have been, but I found myself reading this book by the show’s music director. It started with  the lessons he learned in math class, then I flipped to a short reading on his beginnings in Louisiana, the ways he learned to invest in his first bands and I was really enjoying how he related straight forward advice from his life. Then, I began thinking about the ‘how to be a man’ books that are filling shelves by Black male authors. I don’t know if other ethnicities are producing these books that probably began with Hill Harpers Letters to a Black boy and include other books by Kirk Franklin, Antoine Fisher, Kevin Powell and on and on.

One of my student helpers came into the media center shortly after I set the book aside, and I mentioned There’s no traffic to him, thinking he might be interested. He had been a fan of “American Idol’ but was not familiar with Minor. In fact, my student stated that he would rather read a motivational book by someone like Donald Trump who has been a success. DUDE!! Do you not see the car on the cover?? Do you think just anyone gets to be the music producer on American Idol??

Which takes me to the point I’m trying to get to: can reading a book guide a young boy to manhood?

What book has deeply touched, inspired or changed you?

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