Women Doing Literary Things

Posted on 8 March 2011 Tuesday

For the most part, I’ve met many nice people while blogging and I have lots of fun. No, doubt I’ve worked hard at blogging and I’ve really realized that over the past week or so when my laptop died and I was forced to take a break. The thing is, I do minimal work here. I don’t dig deep like many I know who always go for the backstory, who check every link and network their ass off. There are some meanly impressive people, no face it impressive ladies here who are passionate about literacy, about teens, books and reading.

Most of us are just having fun.

But there are ladies here who just blow the roof off what we do. Women doing literary things. Women who write blog posts that are better researched than the last paper I turned in to a professor. Smart women. Fierce with words, thoughts and deeds! Passionate about making the world better for our girls who still face obstacles that make our constant battle for more books for teens of color seem trite and insignificant. But the only way our girls can stand a chance is if they are literate: if they’re able to successful decode the world around them. And the first step in that direction is for girls to be able to find someone like them in the books they read.

I’ve long been impressed by the work of Niranjana Iyer at the Brown Paper blog. Brew a cup of tea and take the time to read her blog, learn from it as I often do! To celebrate Women’s History Month, Niranjana has decided to create the Women Doing Literary Things project. In her own words:

I’m starting a blog series called “Women Doing Literary Things”, with the aim of demonstrating the depth and breadth of women’s involvement in literature. I’ve been mulling over this idea for a while, but the VIDA stats (http://vidaweb.org/) demonstrating the under-representation of women in the literary world pushed me to action, and I wanted to do something beyond querying wildly everywhere (as some have suggested). Every week, the WDLT series will showcase one or more women in the literary arts–writers, journalists, agents, bookstore owners, magazine editors, librarians, literature professors etc. etc. I’m aiming for as wide a range as possible, and I’ll be kicking the project off on March 8 (Women’s Day).

The first post is up, so be sure to visit today!