Posted on 14 March 2011 Monday

I almost posted on Twitter yesterday that I was thankful that I could visit that site and escape what’s going on in Japan, but I realized that would sound so callous when presented as a single Tweet that I didn’t do it. I take this earthquake personal and it’s really hard to watch.It hurts my heart to watch water powerful enough to wipe away brick and mortar buildings and to then imagine what about that does to life. But watching or not watching it is an option I’m blessed with and the least I can do is click the links and make the donations. There but by the grace of the creator go I, you know?


Japan Stay Strong


So in the midst of all this, it feels right to share some love and give some thanks.

First, a very mighyt thanks to Ms. Ari, AKA MS. A, Ms Attitude! For choosing to bring books to my schools library with the C.O.L.O.R. project. Ari, you are an amazing, amazing person! To steal a quote from Oprah, ‘your future is so bright I can barely stand the glow.’!! Thanks to each of the following for your kindness and generosity for donating books!

Back in the day, we used to use parentheses for hugs online, so here’s a hug to each of you!

(Neal Bailey)

(Zetta Elliott)

(Neesha Meminger)

(Helen Murdoch)

(Jessica Elliott)

(Patricia Sullivan)

(Karen Mahoney)

(Jodie Baker)

(Niranjana) for including me in the Women Doing Literary Things. I hadn’t really taken much time to reflect on women as librarians, I’m grateful for being prompted to further consider what being a woman librarian means. My post, if you’re interested.

I’m curious to know ways you’ve found to donate. In looking for images for this site, I’ve found wristbands by LadyGaga, t-shirt sales and of course this post from Doret.

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