Posted on 20 March 2011 Sunday

Have you ever felt like you’re on a treadmill, running quickly with no direction and staying in the same spot? That’s pretty much where I am right now and it’s not such a good feeling. I’m really not sure where this is coming from or why but admitting a problem is the first step, right?  Maybe it’s just time for spring break. Or time to start making lists again so I can see what I need to do and realize some progress.

Last night I chilled with “The Kids are All Right”, popcorn and ale when a friend reminded me about the super moon. I did see where it was in the sky, hiding being clouds where it really didn’t look any larger or brighter than normal. My Purdue BoilerMakers and Butler BullDogs won this weekend but my Cincinnati Bearcats didn’t. Maybe I’m just experience March Madness!

I’m sorry, but I’m beginning to feel like I’m on a shopping excursion to give support to Japan. It’s probably just me looking to see what I want to buy with my donations, it’s all going to a good cause, right? Nathalie keeps updating her post on Relief Efforts for Japan PaperTigers links to New Sun Rising’s requests for submissions for a poetry anthology to raise funds and lists many ways to help in the world of books.

Here at CrazyQuilts, it’s all about promoting literacy for teens of color. In that effort, I’ve found via Color Online the Algonquin Book Club which promotes their titles by packaging them into sets of 25 and bundling them with readers’ guides and other items. Online features include reading excerpts, giveaways and interviews. Tomorrow at 7pm, Julia Alvarez will be interviewing Edwidge Dandicat. Upcoming interviews:

April 26 Sara Gruen (Water for Elephants) interviewed by Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help

August 18 Heidi Durrow (The Girl Who Fell from the Sky) interviewed by Terry McMillan, author of Getting to Happy

I’m going to set my alarm so that I don’t miss the interview tomorrow.

TeenLit is a site that works to promote teen literacy worldwide. One way they do this is by publishing book reviews written by and for teens. If your teens are writing book reviews that deserve a larger audience, contact TeenLit.

It’s almost time for the Dewey 24Hour Read-A-Thon and Vasilly is collect prizes. Swag, ARCs, autographed copies and book related paraphernalia will be gladly accepted.

I’m going to work on my ‘to do’ list for this week and I’m topping it with

  • finish one book
  • listen to Julia Alvarez interview Edwidge Dandicat
  • make it to the gym 4 times
  • make time for breakfast
  • get a pedicure

Everything else will be gravy!


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