From Others, To Others

Posted on 17 October 2011 Monday

I hope you enjoyed my post about my weekend with IBLN. I am still thinking about all that I got out of attending that conference and spinning the information into new ideas.

I have to renew my BCALA membership. Anyone can join BCLALA, you don’t have to be a member. Did I say anyone  can join? Why stop there? Why not join/support  Chinese American Librarian AssociationAsia Pacific American Library AssociationAmerican Indians in Childrens LiteratureAmerican Indian Librarians Association, and REFORMA? I used to applaud that ALA had venues for so many groups to be able to address their unique needs but now I question why ALA has to have separate groups. Why the need to pull out to be recognized? Nonetheless, these groups to exist to give voice where it would not otherwise exist. I can (and will) join them and support their cause regardless of my own ethnicity. And, I’ll be at the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color in September.

Does anyone know if any of the ALA caucus groups maintain listservs?

We don’t just divide ourselves ethnically. Geographic is another way. While I belong to local listserv groups, I also belong to those in other states. I’m amazed at the literacy and technology resources I find from the KYMS  (Kentucky Media Specialist) listserv! Just recently, this video posted to KET which is giving me many ideas on using technology in my school and resources I should be looking for in my state.

Pirate Tree recently ran a request for books and DVDs to be donated for women in Afghanistan.  I love this blog which focuses on social justice and children’s literature.

I like these ways of reaching out, the give and take of real growth and learning.



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