Read-In: Ninth Ward

Posted on 24 February 2012 Friday


I’ve really enjoyed the questions and comments that Doret and Vasilly have generated on their blogs! I’ve had a busy week this week, much busier than I would like with such a project going on, but thinking about Lanesha and MamaYaYa has kept me grateful, has kept me focused and has given me purpose this week.

Here are my questions!

1.   Lanesha talks a lot about symbols in the book. She mentions words, numbers and math as symbols. I found other symbols in the book; what symbols did you find? What did they mean to you?



2.  My grandmother was like a second mother to me. My sister and grandmother both had 6 fingers. I was in the NOLA train station that summer before the hurricane hit and I’ll always remember the beautiful murals in that building. I cannot think of a deeper way the story relates to me, thankfully my coming of age was nothing like Lanesha’s.  How does the story relate to you?