New Initiative: #LargeFears

My next diversity initiative will be to begin a Twitter bookchat that focuses on all things in diverse book. I kinda smile thinking that I may be late to the table with something on Twitter, but it will put conversations about diverse books front and center in a public space.

LARGE-FEARS-LAYOUT.jpgI’ll be working with Sujui Lugo@sujeilugo, Guinevere Thomas @aravere and Libertad Thomas  and many others along the way. The #LargeFears incident moved me in this direction and it will be the first books to be discussed. Author MYles Johnson @CuratedByMyles and illustrator Kendrick Daye will take part in the discussion @kendrickdaye. If you haven’t read it yet, now is the time to get your copy.

The discussions will be held every first Tuesday from 7-8p.m, EST. [not A.M] and the hashtag will be #largefears. While this is an homage to the book that started this all, it also serves as a reminder that diversity is an issue because of our large fears. I’m afraid that my children and their children will be prevented from reaching their full potential because of their ethnicity, disabilities, gender identity and sexual orientation. And, the powers that be have fears of those with diverse ethnicities, disabilities, gender identity and sexual orientation. So, let’s talk out loud and overcome some of these #largefears.

We’re currently planning the chats for the next few months. Do you have any ideas for us? Feel free to share.


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    • Hi Nathalie! It’s eastern. Thanks for asking because you prompted me to amend the post. I also had to repair the hashtag. Somewhere along the line, I began saying ‘largehands’ instead of ‘largefears’. I don’t know how I’m going to stop myself from doing that, but I’m working on it. #LARGEFEARS

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