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review: Abina and the Important Men

February 16, 2016


title: Abina and the Important Men author: Trevor R. Getz and Liz Clark date: 2012 Oxford University Press non-fiction graphic novel recommended for older teens Abina and the Important Men is a nonfiction graphic novel of the case Regina v. Quamina Eddoo, 10 Nov 1876. The case will be 140 years old this November. Abina […]

Sunday Morning Reads

February 14, 2016


So glad I was out and about with my sister yesterday. It’s really snowing here today! For once, I can actually pour a cup of tea, grab a book and relax. We’re the People are working on our next summer reading list and will release again in the spring. While working in an academic library […]

book review: Henry’s Freedom Box

February 13, 2016


title : Henry’s Freedom Box: A true story from the Underground Railroad author: Ellen Levine illustrator: Kadir Nelson date: Scholastic 2007 non-fiction picture book Actually, I watched the dvd of Henry’s Freedom Box. This adaptation of the book engages artistic camera angles to bring Kadir Nelson’s artwork to live. This dvd enriches the story with […]

review: When the Slave Esperança Garcia Wrote a Letter

February 11, 2016

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Title:  When the Slave Esperança Garcia Wrote a Letter Author: Sona Rosa Illustrator: Luciana Justiniani Hees Date: Groundwood Books; 2015 picture book; nonfiction Author Sonia Rose and illustrator Luciana Justiniani Hees created this non-fiction picture book to commemorate the life of Esperanca Garcia, the first enslaved Afro Brasilian to write a letter of petition for her freedom. The date of the writing […]

Writers on Writing: Mitali Perkins/Anthologies

February 10, 2016


Anthologies are collections of works from different authors. Mitali Perkins recently worked on the anthology Open Mic: Riffs on Life Between Cultures in Ten Voices, so I thought she’d be good to interview about anthologies. She was perfect! Why are anthologies important to children’s literature? Two reasons. First, they showcase different voices and introduce us […]

Writers on Writing: Malinda Lo/Serials and Series

February 9, 2016

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  Continuing a story over several books is serializing that story. Books that share a common setting, story arc or characters is a series. A series would books such as Nancy Drew, Border Town and The Babysitters Club while serialized fiction would include The Goddess Wars, Legend and Dorothy Must Die. Despite these technical differences, […]

Writers on Writing: Jeanne/Fan Fiction

February 8, 2016


I was first introduced to fan fiction about 12 years ago when a student I had talked about the stories he would write. I didn’t hear too much about it until recently on Twitter where there is a huge presence that often bleeds over to YA discussions. I am completely out of my element when […]

Critical Engagement Through Social Media

February 6, 2016


This weekend, I was honored to be part of the Center for Teaching through Children’s Books one day event subtitled “I Tweeted, I Tumbled, I Taught”. In addition to hearing many ideas, teaching strategies and insights on using social media for professional development, teaching and engaging with others in ways that are legal and responsible. […]

Writers on Writing: Cynthia Leitich Smith/Short Stories

February 4, 2016

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Looking for a quick read? Or want to take a chance with a new genre without over committing? How about reading a short story? Cynthia Leitch Smith uses her expertise to guide us through some of the basics of short stories. From a writer’s perspective, what are the essential differences between a short story and […]